Lumen House is both a real place and a deep metaphor!


It is a longtime dream of mine come true – a little retreat house in my rural backyard.

It is a place for study, prayer and creativity – a place of solitude and meeting.

It is a place of sunshine and moonlight and it welcomes the shadows.

It is a place where faith is explored and creativity is encouraged.


It has become a space in which inner light is encouraged to illumine

hearts and souls and minds.

A place of spark and flame.


This website is an extension of my backyard idyll which changes with the seasons.




You could skim quickly over the various offerings of artwork or poetry or prayer experiences – just touching lightly into the form and metaphor of inner visions and insights.  Some of the work will be mine and some will be by artist friends.




You may want to stay awhile and explore a particular piece of art or a poem or prayer experience.  You could spend time gazing quietly into the eyes of Wisdom or the beauty of God’s creation or the layers of multivalent shapes and hues.  You can spend time with phrases that surprise you and touch your own experience or, perhaps, ones that call you deeper into new realities and ways of thinking.


May this place in space both ground you and set you free!

Enjoy!  And come back again soon – the artwork and poetry changes regularly.


Jannel Glennie





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